Q: What quality should I expect from Playfully Ever After costumes?

A: Playfully Ever After costumes are all made from high quality fabrics that are soft and comfortable. All of the hems are serged and fully finished. None of our costumes, except for the boy hero capes have velcro, so they do not snag on hair or on fabric.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order in the mail?

A: Orders generally ship on Tuesday mornings via USPS First Class Mail or Parcel Post, unless another shipping method is chosen. Orders ship from Utah and we offer free shipping on all of our items. You can expect your order to arrive about 5 days after it is shipped. During the holidays, including Halloween and Christmas, your order can take up to 2 weeks with the Post Office, so please choose expedited shipping or order in advance during those times. Priority Mail is an estimate and not a guarantee.

Q: What fabric are your dresses made out of?

A: Our dress ups are made from 100% China Silk.

Q: If an item is out of stock, how long will it be until it is in stock again?

A: It takes a few months for out of stock items to be back in stock.

Q: What are your most popular princess dresses for girls?

A: Cinderella is our most popular dress up costume for girls by a mile. The next most popular dress is Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fancy Yellow Beauty, and our Pink Princess costume. If you would like a unique costume, try our Medieval princess dress.

Q: What are your most popular costumes for boys?

A: Our boys dragon cape, pirate cape and hat, and superhero cape are our most popular dress up clothes for boys.

Q: I am planning a Disney vacation, what dresses should I get?

A: You will see many princesses at Disneyland. Since you will definitely see Sleeping Beauty's castle, we would recommend a Sleeping Beauty costume. If you have dinner with the princesses, you will visit with Snow White,Cinderella, and Belle, so those are great dresses to have as well. At the end, you will be able to talk to Ariel, but she is not the star of the meal as the other princesses are.

Q: How will I know which size to get my little girl?

A: Our sizing on all of our girls' dressups is as follows:
Sm 1-3 yrs, child 2T-4T, 27" length
Med 3-5 yrs, child 4-6, 32" length
Lrg 5-7 yrs, child 6-8, 37" length
XL 7-9 yrs, child 8-10, 42" length

Please measure your child from the shoulder to the ankle and choose the appropriate size. Sizing information is listed on each of our dresses.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We offer exchanges only within 30 days of purchase with tag attached and item in new condition. If you have received a defective item, we will replace it for free. Please use USPS only for sending back defective items.

Q: What are the washing instructions for your dress ups?

A: Our costumes are all machine washable. Wash each dress with like items on gentle cycle. You can line dry or put in the dryer on low heat. The Mermaid dress should not be placed in a hot dryer as the sequins will melt.

Q: How do I get the wrinkles out of the costumes you sent me?

A: Washing and drying instructions come with your package. Our dresses come packaged flat for mailing ease. When you receive your costume, simply put your dress up costume in the dryer for 15 minutes to remove wrinkles.

Q: What accessories do you recommend for your princess dresses?

A: The most important accessory is the fullness slip. This helps to poof out the dress for the pretty princess effect. We also sell a variety of princess capes, flower headbands, Cinderella headband, Snow White Headband, and princess long gloves.

Q: What is the difference between "Traditional" and "Fancy" Costumes?

A: Traditional dress up clothes are beautiful and made from simple designs. Fancy costumes have an organza overlay over the skirt and are more poofy. Some also have additional embellishments on the bodice and skirt. For families on a budget, traditional dresses are a great option. For the most beautiful princess look, our fancy dresses are a fun and beautiful upgrade option.

Q: What dolls and bears do your doll dresses fit

A: Our doll dresses match our girls costumes exactly. They are made from the same fabric and trims. The doll dresses are machine washable, just the same as our girls dress ups. They fit a variety of dolls and bears. Our doll dresses fit 18 inch dolls, including American Girl Dolls. They also fit American Girl Bitty Baby. You will find our doll dresses very affordable and fun! Our doll clothes also fit all Build a Bear stuffed animals and are wonderful for hours of dress up play!